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What we do

We are collaboration experts that seek to maximize the full potential that partnerships between startups and corporates create. 

We have been supporting accelerator programs since 2012 with large corporates from various industries. Through our previous experiences from numerous accelerator programs, we recognized a pattern which helped us determine the key factors that lead to a successful startup – corporate collaboration story. This is how the acccoi methodology for structured corporate accelerator programs was established.

We, at acccoi, design vehicles for Open Innovation such as Corporate Accelerators and Co-Innovation programs that help corporates boost  competitive performance and succeed in today’s digital environment. 

We achieve this by providing an industry-agnostic innovation platform that follows our acccoi methodology. The combination of our platform and the expertise of our consulting partners optimizes the success of innovation teams by guiding them through their innovation journey towards fruitful cooperation with later-stage startups.


The Beginning

As startup collaboration experts, we plan and execute our first accelerator program with Cisco. In the following year we helped execute a Co-Innovation program for Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom.


acccoi is officially founded. We start working with several prominent companies from various industries. Raiffeisen Bank International, Kapsch, BayWa and RWA.


After a few successful batches, we decide to digitize our accelerator program. We build our innovation platform - a project management tool for corporate accelerator programs.

Partnership Model

We introduce a partnership model. Our accelerator programs are now offered as an expert startup collaboration tool accompanied by renowned consultancy houses, who offer valuable industry know-how.

New Offerings

Due to high demand, we expand our portfolio. acccoi offers three startup collaboration programs, varying in focus, length and scope of partnerships.

Our Methodology

We provide corporates with a user-friendly project management platform tool. Innovation teams can use it to develop joint use cases with global later-stage startups. The acccoi platform standardizes and  digitizes  the  processes to boost efficiency  of innovation activities and facilitates a high rate of business outcome. This allows innovation teams to be successful from the first round of start-up collaboration.

Our methodology is characterized by 4 components:

Structure and proven methodology
Each of our open innovation programs follows a very clear structure with pre planed timelines, expected milestones, KPIs and responsibilities. Standardizing the process and focusing on the essentials allows to maximize results and achieve tangible outcome from the start. 
Internalization through platform component
Each of our open innovation program is based on a process automation engine, organizing and prearranging your workflow and responsibility split. The combination of an automated workflow and expert content keeps you independent and helps you to internalize innovation by building know-how inside your organization. 
Maximizing results through best practice
Each of our programs is supported and build upon exemplary projects. It includes not only proven timelines and processes, but also content templates, which are always examples of best-case practices to ensure high quality of open innovation programs.
Expert support through experienced consulting partner
Our expert consulting partners support you in every step of your innovation journey by providing relevant industry expertise and know-how, as well as helping you respond to your individual company needs and requirements.