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acccoi partners have a best practice methodology for corporate startups with a 3 year curriculum from corporate innovation strategy to business potential fulfillment.

acccoi partners support clients and companies in business acceleration, co-innovation, as well as in co-investment.

acccoi partners provide the entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience from European and US perspectives to help grow successful companies.

acccoi partners have
started more than 10 companies in B2B/IT/technology
founded and sold Vienna-based SolveDirect Service Management to Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, CA)
managed professional and Business Angel investments
built and managed Startup accelerator and Co-Innovation programs with leading corporations and their industry partners in EMEAR – and accelerated 22 Startups in 24 months
always worked with a holistic, 'hands-on' management approach

100 years business
30 years in leading
50 global business

What we do

acccoi partners design and execute Corporate Accelerators and Co-Innovation programs along the industry value chain in ecosystems.

We help you shaping the future of your business
The main target is to kick-start innovative new business by cooperating with growth-startups and developing joint use cases with new technology in a short- and mid-term time frame.

SCOAP – Accelerator in a box
Our SCOAP methodology guides project teams in global corporations through a 3-years corporate accelerator program. It consists of weekly project plans, best-practise templates, checklists and examples for >1.500 activities and process steps. The SCOAP license covers a 3-years curriculum and furthermore empowers a global network to exchange innovation knowledge and experiences.

Benefits of SCOAP
Remain on the pulse of time for your customers
Access disruptive technology and IP
Create a startup-pipeline for strategic cooperations and future investments
Proven, best practice methodology
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Benefits for license partners
Positioning as Open Innovation Pioneer
"Cross-Company" consultancy with follow-up opportunities
Sell-in to C-levels with clear value proposition
Proven, best practice methodology
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Accelerator Review Factory 1
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Co-Innovation (video 2min)
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Accelerator program Cisco (video 2min)
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Trotz meiner jahrelangen Erfahrung ist es essentiell für das Agro Innovation Lab, die Experten von acccoi partners an unserer Seite zu haben. Mit ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung mit dem Bauen von Corporate Accelerators und als Entrepreneurs bringen sie die perfekte Mischung zwischen Corporate und Startup.
To design Elevator Lab according to the acccoi SCOAP methodology assured the success and visibility that we have not only been named "Most Innovative Bank in CEE" right after the first year, but also have eight countries joining the program with local Elevator Lab Challenges.
acccoi's SCOAP methodology is a perfect opportunity for consultancies to enhance their portfolio and position themselves as open innovation pioneers to their clients. The three-year curriculum enables long-term relationships with customers and paves the way for "cross-company" consultancy with diverse follow-up opportunities.
Martin and Thomas have been one of the main drivers of Taggalo's success through the ChallengeUp! program and a continuous source of inspiration related to the way growth of B2B businesses shall be executed.
In addition to their high professional level, we were really impressed by the personal care and motivation of the acccoi team. They put a piece of their "heart" in our project, considering it like QualityLine was their own. The investment and time are more than worth it and I would recommend the acccoi later-stage acceleration program to every Startup!
Martin and Thomas are all about "creativity & hustle" two vital ingredients to get to market. Our deep thanks to both for the live Cisco EIR master classes in how to elevate our game and make customers love what we do.

Our programs

acccoi partners are currently supporting major companies in their respective acceleration programs:

The Agro Innovation Lab (AIL) is the joint Corporate Accelerator of Raiffeisen Ware Austria together with the Bayerische Ware BayWa with the goal of being the partner of choice for agricultural innovators in Europe. AIL recently closed its third accelerator application round and built up its own investment vehicle and co-innovation hub as a part of their new innovation strategy.


Factory1 is the corporate acceleration program for Startups which are building ground-breaking technologies in Kapsch TrafficCom's industry and strategic areas such as Connected & Autonomous Driving, Data Analytics & Deep Learning, Smart Mobility, Security & Privacy, Infrastructure, and Payment & Transaction Processes.


Through the 'Elevator Lab' accelerator program, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is looking for international fintech Startups, especially from Central and Eastern Europe, with the goal of developing long-term cooperations in order to extend their own product and services portfolio. Elevator Lab is currently in their second year. RBI announced their joint investment vehicle for financing and investing in the first and future batches of EL.


Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) is a 6-month Startup-incubation program that supports early-stage, product-focused entrepreneurs working on the next big ideas in the Internet of Everything/Things (IoE/IoT), Smart Cities, Big Data/analytics, enterprise mobility and security. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley – with satellite programs in San Diego, Chicago, Boston and Vienna (Austria).

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Three global tech players – Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom – are teaming up to address the challenges of IoT and being a true pioneer of Open Innovation 2.0 and connecting innovation. ChallengeUp! aims at helping innovative IoT Startups go-to-market faster through joint projects, mentoring, high-value networking and corporate assets.

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Other initiatives

acccoi partners are also mentoring incubator programs such as:

The Global Incubator Network (GIN), a flagship program initiated by the Austrian government, is the single point of contact in Austria for Startups, investors, and incubators and connects the Austrian Startup ecosystem with hotspots in Asia (Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea).


acccoi partners also co-invest in, and coach, a Montenegrin Startup:

BeeAnd.me aims to help beekeepers overcome the traditional challenges of beekeeping, with a smart monitoring system for beehives, that measures significant parameters and provides the beekeepers with valuable, real-time updates. Through datamining, the collected information can later be processed to develop predictive analyses tools for precision beekeeping.


Our team

Let's grow your business together! acccoi partners is powered by people, who bring more than 20 years experience in acceleration of Startups and leading in management.
acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Thomas R. Werner
Thomas Werner
Managing Partner
Marketing/GTM/Products, Partnerships, Roll-Out


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Martin Bittner
Martin Bittner
Strategy, Business Development, GTM/Sales


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Marcus Oppitz
Marcus Oppitz
SW Architecture, Roadmap, Operations & Integration


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Leo Gruber
Leo Gruber
Associate Partner
Business Model, Funding/Investment, General Management


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Theresa Stadler
Theresa Stadler
Program Manager


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Sandra Imre
Sandra Imre
Program Manager


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Camilla Reinhardt
Camilla Reinhardt
Program Manager


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Philipp Enzinger
Philipp Enzinger
Program Manager


acccoi partners GmbH Portraitbild Sophie Bittner
If you are interested in joining our dynamic and passionate Team, please send us your CV at


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